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High on Hope, Cross Lane Projects, Kendal
Site Writing – Volume 1 – An Alternative catalogue to the Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection. The Sainsbury Centre. SCVA
Ketts Oak – Field Work Edited by Sara Lowndes
The Bath Project by Dr Barbara Kubicka – Bespoke book design services by Emily Benton Book Design
PNR PNReview Issue 255 – Bespoke book design, typesetting and print-production services by Emily Benton Book Design

Where to start… Emily has been fantastic throughout our first book project.


Not only was she interested and engaged from the outset, her enthusiasm was second to none. Her design skills and ability to understand what we wanted to achieve was without fault, and her customer care and support was a breath of fresh air.


Emily’s project management skills were unquestionable, we can’t recommend her highly enough.

     —Jo Woolf, The Bath Project

Self Heal Samantha Walton, published by Boiler House Press. Design, typesetting and print-production management by Emily Benton Book Design. Shortlisted for the Saltire Society Book Cover of the Year Award, 2019.
Wretched Strangers – Boiler House Press, UEA Publishing Project
Drawing and Other Writing – Barnet / Morfill – Everyday Press – Emily Benton Book Design
Like The Sea I Think, bespoke book design services by Emily Benton Book Design
The Great White Silence – Herbert Ponting / Scott Expedition – Emily Benton Book Design

I wanted to thank you so much – you've done an exquisite job. It's quite beautifully arranged.

I know from my own experience that working with poems can be exacting and sometimes frustrating, but definitely both time and energy-devouring.

So thank you very, very much for designing this book so well.

     —Denise Riley

Energising the East, an Energy Transformation Plan for the Future. Report comissioned by Catherine Rowett MEP, the Greens/EFA Group. Design and typesetting and print production management by Emily Benton Book Design
A Telling of Stone, Neil Rackham – Emily Benton Book Design. Illustrations by Alisdair Wiseman
Strange Companions, Reimagining Fairytales Folk tales and Myths – UEA Publishing Project – City of Stories – Emily Benton Book Design – Alex Booker artwork
Criminal Evidence and Procedure: An Introduction (4th Edition), by Alastair N Brown, published by Edinburgh University Press, cover design by Emily Benton Book Design. Front cover.
A Pilgrim Garden, The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Bespoke layout design and typesetting by Emily Benton Book Design. Published 2022
Dean Kenning, Vitalist Kinetics. Cover design, layout design and typesetting by Emily Benton Book Design
Image Thinking; Art Making as Cultural Analysis, by Mieke Bal. Cover design by Emily Benton Book Design. Published 2022 y Edinburgh University Press in the Refractions series.

Emily Benton Book Design provide specialist and bespoke
book design and print-production services.


We can provide tiered levels of service, from simple text-typesetting to in-depth and comprehensive publication design. Our services include page layout, paper research, image handling, creation of infographics, typeface expertise, cover design, print-production management and project scheduling.


Emily Benton Book Design offer services for hardback, softback and pamphlet-style publications, whether your project is a one off or part of a series. We have specialist experience in arts and culture, the nuanced world of poetry, and with corporate reports and data visualisation.


Emily Benton Book Design are proud to be independent, professional and female-led.

Click here to see some of the people and institutions we've worked with, and awarding bodies been recognised by, over the last few years.

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